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Residential & Commercial

Plumbing Services/Repairs

Whether you require routine servicing or extensive plumbing repairs, we are standing by and eager to get your plumbing into the finest shape attainable.
A functioning plumbing system is a requirement for any comfortable home, so we are serious about the quality of our work and your satisfaction. We treat your home as our own.

We provide residential and commercial plumbing services and repairs in all of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. When it comes to your commercial building we have the knowledge and equiptment required to handle your plumbing problems, while minimizing interruption to your work place.

Residential & Commercial

New Construction

Our past certifications of special recognition from Christoper Homes, Toll Brothers, US homes:


Best overall contractor

Best quality workmanship

Best cooperation to builders

Best compliance to schedules

Best contractor service follow up

While working with numberous General Contractors we have plumbed project sizes ranging from;

Smith's Food King retail shops, Street of Dreams Home, Emerald Suites to PT's Pubs.


If you are looking for a plumber to do your Custom Home or to do your Commercial building (under (3) stories); we've done it. We truly have the extensive knowledge for your job, start to finish.

Including but, not limited to:

Full plumbing drawings

Plan reviews for all entities


Working with your; designer, architect, engineer and any other trades,

We are here to help you.

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